Perpetual Inventory

The Periodic and Perpetual Inventory systems are two different methods used to track the the Valuation of Goods on hand. The periodic system relies upon an occasional physical count of the inventory to determine the ending inventory balance and the cost of goods sold. Whereas the Perpetual Inventory system keeps continual track of the inventory balances and the Cost of Goods Sold. 

Dolibarr ERP supports the Periodic Inventory system of Stock Accounting. Ohoo Solutions developed an Add-on for Dolibarr which will do the necessary postings in the Accounting module to manage the Perpetual system of Stock Accounting.

Please visit Doli Store – The official market place for Dolibarr Add-ons to download the Perpetual Inventory Accounting addon for Dolibarr ERP system.

The Addon developed by Ohoo Solutions for Dolibarr will take care of posting the below mentioned Journals as part of the Purchase Receipt creation and the Sales Shipment Validation. In the Standard Dolibarr system there will not be any Journal generated in these two business process.

Journal Generated as part of the Purchase Receipt Creation

Inventory or Stock on Hand GL Code                                    Dr
Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) GL Code                   Cr

Journal Generated as part of the Sales Shipment Validation

Cost of Goods Sold GL Code                                                 Dr
Inventory or Stock on Hand GL Code                                   Cr

To Know more details about the Perpetual Inventory Addon, Please download the PDF detailing the installation and user manual of the Addon.

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