Mobilid – Warehouse Management System

Mobilid offers mobile data processing to your Dolibarr logistic processes such as – Stock inventory Management, Customer Order Delivery and Supplier Receipts. It is designed for small touch-screen devices like smartphones, tablets and on the newest generation of industrial portable terminals.

Mobilid provides direct mobile access to your enterprise data from your warehouse. Mobilid increases the warehouse efficiency, by assisting the Warehouse Associative to work fast and avoid making mistakes, by using a PDA barcode scanner or smartphone with an external barcode reader or internal camera barcode scanner.

Mobilid is designed to connect to your own private cloud. Access management is done specific to each device. So, someone who installs Mobilid will not be able to access your data without the permission, even if Dolibarr password is known.

Our Allied company Ohoo Solutions is one of the Authorized Partners of Z-Application who is the developer of Mobilid.

To get Dolibarr implemented with Mobilid for improving your warehouse efficiency please Contact Us 

Each module is designed for a specific enterprise process, this simplifies user experience. We can configure Mobilid to use only the optional modules the organization needs.

Inventory module:
To Manage the Product Master Data & Stock management by scanning the product barcode including the lot data management.

Order Picking Module:
Module to collect Customer Orders. Some of the salient features are

  • Pick by scanning product barcode
  • Pick by lot number
  • Show detailed order and product information
Dispatch module:
Module to receive ordered products into warehouse stock. Some of the salient features are
  • Product barcode scanning to get order(s) containing product
  • Receipt by scanning product barcode
  • Compatible with lot/serial products, easy adding of product lot data.
  • Auto-fill lot, qty, sell before and expire dates from GS1 packages barcode
Some of the other Modules are listed below:
  • Exit Stock module – Module to easily move or remove items from the stock.
  • Purchaser module – Module to create supplier orders.
  • Order module – Module to create customer orders.
  • Commercial module – Module to contact Prospects and make appointments.
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